Happiness is…

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many things for me and one of them is getting a strong endorsement from the Midwest Book Review. Here is their Review of my book Friction in Motion (Adult & Young Adult Fiction):

Front Cover-Friction in Motion-SIZED

In this YA novel by Sy Kadella, young readers will hop in the car and ride along on a bizarre and funny cross-country road trip with a highly dysfunctional family and see all the people encountered through the eyes of an autistic teenager. On this trip the main character, an emotionally detached child prodigy who is on the spectrum, encounters a quirky cast of characters including a mobster uncle, a channeling aunt, a Native American healer, and a depressed punker who has read The Bell Jar five times. But none of the characters found on the road are as odd as the protagonist’s own immediate family. There are many lessons along the way. The most important being that wherever there is motion, there is bound to be friction, and within this lies the secret to wisdom and the strength to break free. A unique and deftly crafted novel, “Friction in Motion” is unreservedly recommended for high school and community library YA Fiction collections.

Midwest Book Review, Children’s Bookwatch: October 2018

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

Diane Donovan, Editor


So here is your call to action: Get your own copy

Front Cover-Friction in Motion-SIZED

So you will be happy too.

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